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Ecuador Permaculture Project

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Permaculture Project in Ecuador looking for participants

Permaculture Project in coastal Ecuador. I am focused on growing mushrooms, raising bees, and trying to be as sustainable as possible with fruit and vegetable cultivation. My interests in collaboration are both short term and long term. Short term, I am offering accommodation and food in exchange for a contribution of time and knowledge. Here are a few examples of skill sets needed.

  • adobe/ cob/ natural building skills

  • Water innovations e.g warkawater- extracting the water from the humid air.

  • permaculture/ agroecology

  • Bees

  • Mushrooms

  • Woodworking/ cement work

  • Someone with knowledge of Ecuadorian property law

  • Blockchain and Smart contracts

  • These are just a few examples

Long term, I am looking to explore the possibilities of mutually beneficial collaborations. I would like to use Golden Seed as a platform to explore the legal and psychological dynamics needed for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

I have observed that Private Property has -PRO, autonomy, agency, belonging, the incentive to add value, through time, energy, care, and financial investment. -CON, you need to buy the land, take care of water and electricity, road, project development costs, labor all on you. Security and liabilities all on you. Not viable for the majority of people for socio-economic reasons.

Likewise, I have observed that Community has PRO- the cost is cheaper on every point of scale from the purchase of land, development of electric, water, project development, etc. Massive flexibility built-in. Con- Drama. Organizational issues rooted in issues of trust, hierarchy, incentive, reciprocity. Lack of autonomy, agency, etc

Therefore, my goal is to utilize psychological foresight and innovative legally sound contracts that help in mitigating the cons and providing a foundation for the pros of community. In the long term- there are possibilities, to lease, sell, or trade parcels of land.


Separated for contiguity


There are many different ways to create “smart” contracts/ agreements. I am interested in exploring how current blockchain technology and smart contract platforms can be leveraged as a medium to facilitate community development- decentralized autonomies properties. I would like to use this platform here with the Golden Seed to try to facilitate a conversation amongst techies who understand the blockchain and legal experts who understand the intricacy of property law.


Creating liquidity in community development. This example is not for community development, but the point is that it could be. The idea of fractionalized investment. Harbor Tokenizes Real Estate Funds Worth $100 Million on Ethereum


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