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Welcome to the Knowledge Library

We hope this page finds you well and that this information may prove useful in creating a more fair and equitable world. 

The library consists of two main parts,  a section for current legalese documents and the future home of our plain language legal document section.


How we plan to build this library

  1. Gather funding: Seek funding from grants, foundations, government agencies, and corporate sponsors to support the development and maintenance of the website.

  2. Develop a database: Create a database of legal agreements and documents that are commonly used and have a significant impact on people's lives.

  3. Translation: Hire legal experts and language professionals to translate the legal agreements and documents into plain text.

  4. User-friendly interface: Create a user-friendly interface for the website that allows users to easily search and access the translated legal agreements and documents.

  5. Educational resources: Provide educational resources and guides to help users understand the legal system and their rights and responsibilities.

  6. Continuously update: Continuously update the database with new legal agreements and documents as they become available.

  7. Partnerships: Establish partnerships with legal aid societies, legal clinics, and pro bono legal programs to provide additional support and resources for users.

  8. Feedback system: Create a feedback system to gather user input and improve the website's content and functionality.

  9. Marketing: Develop a marketing strategy to promote the website and increase awareness of its mission and resources.

  10. Evaluation and adjustments: Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the website and make changes as necessary to improve its impact and reach.

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