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  • James McCain (Monday, August 15 16 10:41 pm EDT)

    Cognitive Dissonance;

    From an outsiders perspective, it seems humanity actually behaves in a manner very similar to that of an ant in a colony or bee's in a hive. Yet our colony seems unhealthy and neglecting to care for
    its home and a majority of all life forms.

    It seems obvious that our connectivity is essential to our current way of life and that an individual human without connection to our colony would not survive for many generations.

    Yet we act as though personal benefit at the expense of the entire colony and its home, the Earth, is somehow prized accomplishment.

    From what I have learned it is up to each individual to regain their personal power and begin to take positive action. We each hold the power to create and when we choose to co-create, the individual
    can harmonize with the collective group and this power of creation expands exponentially. Yet again, we look at the reality of our world and we see dissonance, why is this?

    I present to you, a way to untangle the dissonance.