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The Golden Seed is a concept that combines three knowledge groups that could help improve the fabric of our society.

The first knowledge group is the online plain language legal library, which provides resources and templates for creating legal documents in simple and easy-to-understand language. 

The second, facilitation of decentralized land trust concepts that work together to help individuals protect and manage land in ways that align  with the goals of preserving and conserving the land for future generations.

And finally a learning database allows individuals to share their knowledge and best practices related to land preservation and conservation, which helps the community to learn from each other's experiences and accelerate the rate of success in preserving and transferring land for future generations.

Legal agreements and documents are the foundation of many aspects of society, and often have a significant impact on people's lives.

However, many legal agreements are written in complex and technical language that can be difficult for people to fully understand. This can lead to misunderstandings, disputes, and mistrust.


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Our goal of translating legal agreements into plain language aims to address the challenge of legal jargon and complexity by offering clear and easy-to-comprehend versions of these agreements. This approach empowers individuals to have a better understanding of their rights and obligations, allowing them to make more informed choices. Additionally, it promotes fairness and transparency in the legal system, and encourages trust and collaboration among all parties involved.


Contracts and Agreements

Parallel Paths

Land Stewardship

Holding land in a trust offers a variety of benefits including asset protection, tax savings, control over land use and management, conservation and preservation, and continuity for families
It serves as an effective tool for ensuring that land is used and managed in ways that align with the values and goals of the person who established the trust.
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