Golden Seed Land Trust

Welcome to a new form of Land Trust

Golden Seed Land Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, focused on the North Fork Valley of Western Colorado. 


The Golden Seed Land Trust's mission is to help communities build wealth by providing low cost access to land. Our organization provides a stewardship model that fosters the health, wealth and well-being of the community and the land by encouraging the development of resilient sources of water, food, shelter, energy and jobs for the common benefit of its members and for future generations.


We are here to connect people who have a clear vision and a passion for their work, with the resources they need to succeed.  Our transition program is designed to help communities transfer knowledge and culture to the next generation of land stewards. 



We aim to create a organizational model that will be shared and can be recreated in each town or city.  We will also create an online hub where we can share best practices and legal paperwork to help fledgling land trusts save time and money.

In the next decade millions of acres of farm land will begin to change hands.   At current prices it is next to impossible for young farmers and entrepenuers purchase land at a price that would allow them to prosper.

We need your help, contact us today to donate tax deductable contributions!



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