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MARTIN ADAMS is a social innovator, systems thinker, and community organizer. As a child, it pained him to see most people struggling while a few were living in opulence. This inspired in him a lifelong quest to create a fair and sustainable world in collaboration with others. As a young adult, groomed for a career in finance, he opted not to pursue a career on Wall Street and chose instead to dedicate his life to community enrichment. Through his non-profit work, he saw firsthand the extent to which our economic system causes human and ecological strife. Consequently, Martin devoted himself to the development of a new economic paradigm that might allow humanity to thrive in harmony with nature. His book Land: A New Paradigm for a Thriving World is the fruit of his years of research into a part of this economic model; its message stands to educate policymakers and changemakers worldwide. Martin is executive director of


Forrest Craver is a servant leader to oppressed and marginalized peoples, wildlife and endangered sacred landscapes. He is a social justice lawyer, trainer, professional fundraiser and team builder for large scale social change projects.

In the last 40 years he has represented more than 200 local, regional, national and global groups. His clients include Amnesty International, Farm Aid, Global Concerts for Human Rights, Habitat for Humanity, the Lakota nation, National Council of Churches, Sufi Order of the West, Campaign for Human Development, Rural America, La Raza, NAACP  and The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund. He has taught best practices fund raising for The Foundation Center and The Fund Raising School of California. A national leader in all aspects of fundraising, his four decades of effort have mobilized generous gifts from more than 22 million Americans  for progressive social justice causes. He is co founder of The Florence Nightingale Initiative for Global Nursing's Future, Methodists United for Peace with Justice, The Earth Walk Alliance and The Mankind Project of Washington, D.C. .


Susan England  is the co-founder and partner in EarthinBlocks, LLC., EARTHinBLOCKS  manufactures a machine that compresses earth into blocks that are used to build sustainable housing for low income people. Most recently she has worked with the Lakota at Pine Ridge where she trained the local Indians to build with compressed earth where they are now building on their own.

She is a creative director and communications professional with long experience in graphic design, branding, messaging, marketing, web development and communications strategy. She has launched several highly successful small businesses.  She taught at Alternatives in Chicago where she taught photography, silk screening and running a printing press to inner city high school students. After graduating high school her students had skills to look for jobs in the printing industry.  She and Elsie have worked together for more than 15 years on a variety of projects.


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