Board of Directors

Golden Seed Land Trust's board of directors are the passionate individuals whom have come together to sow the seed of the future.

James McCain, is the founder and visionary force bringing forth The Golden Seed Land Trust.  He is a serial eco entrepreneur, and from his renewable energy business started when he was 25, James is acutely aware of the state of the world and the structures that operate. Now he turns his focus on efforts that offer a more direct solution to our worlds problems.  On his farm Fire Mountain Farmstead,  he works with his partner and many others toward the goal of providing resilient sources of water, food, shelter and energy.  After his own struggle, in acquiring his property/land; he has spearheaded the effort toward how we better organize as a community, and offer an less blockaded method for people to access the abundant gifts of the land.   In addition, he  offers his skills to his community by serving as Vice President of the West Elk Mountain Rescue team. 






Oogie McGuire


Owner of Desery Weyr