Welcome to the Knowledge Library

We hope this page finds you well and that this information may prove useful to all your endevours.

The library consists of two main parts,  a section for current legalese documents and the future home of our plain language legal document section.

Site memberships will contribute to the translation of documents and the vetting of these contracts by professionals and the like.

This will be completed in a 2 phased approach. 

The first phase is to collect useful documents for our members either by donation or purchase.   If entities would like to donate their documents in-kind to our organization they may claim a tax deductible donation for this gift.  We are a 501c3 non-profit.

The second phase will be to utilize member donations to begin the translation and creation of plain language agreements.

We hope to help facilitate better understanding an new forms of organization through the use of plain language common law agreements.  The foundation of society is nothing more than a series of contracts, its time we build these contracts on understanding and trust.


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