Our Management System


The Golden Seed, will acquire property through direct donations, pledges(people who choose to join the group and already own land), as well as by purchasing land.

        We will create a long term lease starting at 2 years and going up to 30 years.  This will be fully transferable.  
        We will require the lease holder to be the trustee of the property giving them legal title to the land.
        The lease will require the trustee to pay a cost payment each month which includes, property taxes, insurance and a small donation to the land trust.
        The lease will also stipulate that the trustee work towards providing resilient sources of water, food, energy and shelter.


Trustee Requirements


Each property will be different as to what the donors vision is for the land as well as what is possible to accomplish on the land
A house in town will have less chance to achieve all the goals compared to a 100 acre farm.
We will thoroughly vet the potential trustee's and find people who can feasibly accomplish their plans
The Golden Seed will have nothing to do with any businesses, non-profits, farms or households
We will set a baseline when new stewards take responsibility of the trustee title.  
As long as they do not go backward we will continue to renew the lease and offer guidance to help the trustee achieve their personal goals.
Our purpose is not to manage or remove people from property but to facilitate their ability to achieve their goals.