About Us



Golden Seed Land Trust is a 501(c)3 coporation. (Currently Pending)

 Operated by a Board of Directors


Mission Statement


The Golden Seed Land Trust's (GSeed) mission is to help communities build wealth by providing low cost access to land. Our organization provides a stewardship model that fosters the health, wealth and well-being of the community and the land by encouraging the development of resilient sources of water, food, shelter, energy and jobs for the common benefit of its members and for future generations.






Our vision is to build a community stewardship organization, through direct donations of land, direct purchasing of property, facilitating the transition of retiring farmers with our management program, or by recruitment of community members who share our vision.





We currently have identified four mechanisms by which we build our organization.

1. We work closely with aging farmers to provide them with vetted individuals whom will agree to long term land and livestock stewardship that provides for a smooth farm transition. We will facilitate sales and transfers as required to provide for long term agricultural uses for the land and continued breeding programs for livestock.

2. We provide property management services to absentee or aging landowners, farmers and ranchers to help them find suitable long term stewards of their land and livestock via leases and other instruments that do not involve land or livestock transfers.

3. We  recruit members to pledge their property to the trust for long term management as an agricultural asset. Where land is currently under mortgage obligations the agreements will provide management services now and the property will transition to the trust once the mortgage is paid off.

4. We purchase desirable property through direct sales, auction, foreclosure or other means and then manage those properties to help further the mission.


We treat each managed property as an endowment fund, where Golden Seed will be named the beneficiary in each of the properties land trust agreements. The trustee of each property will agree to a long term lease, the terms of which stipulate that the trustee is to make use of the land and to work towards providing resilient sources of water, food, shelter, and energy.


Our trust structure provides legal protection so that you and your family can never be involuntarily removed from your land. 

The long term leases can be transfered to your heirs or another appropriate persons.


Come and begin this journey with us.